Horizontes Press Release

Horizontes is a public art project focused on north Wichita and funded in part by the Knight Foundation. 

Horizontes announces locations, art crew

WICHITA—The city’s newest public art project announced the locations for the murals that will be executed around north Wichita next summer.

The largest mural will cover a grain elevator near Broadway and 21st Street. Horizontes project director and curator Armando Minjarez envisions the piece as a “landmark of solidarity and pride.”

“These monolithic structures both physically and psychologically separate the two parts of north Wichita,” Minjarez said. “We knew from the beginning that we wanted one of these grain elevators to be a focal point of the project.”

Four smaller murals will be sited at the Nomar Theater at 2141 N Market Street, the 13th Street Bridge near Santa Fe Street, and the Dunbar Theater complex at 1007 N Cleveland.

The industrial corridor between I-135 and the Union Pacific and BSNF Railway tracks separates the largely Latino NorthEnd from the majority African American neighborhoods in northeast Wichita. Horizontes plans to bring residents together through door-to-door community engagement and a series of public workshops open to everyone living in the target area.

“We want this project to be a catalyst for north Wichita to come together and create a vision for the future of these neighborhoods,” Minjarez said.

Though Minjarez says the community will drive the direction of each mural, he has also selected a team of international and local artists and organizers to help execute the community vision.

Brandan “Bmike” Odums (New Orleans), Koka (Mexico City) and Edgar Saner (Mexico City area) will lend their skills and individual style to Horizontes during the summer of 2018. The local project team is composed of Minjarez, creative associate Kylie Brown, art director Dale Small and engagement coordinator Louis Goseland.

Horizontes is funded in part by the Knight Foundation, which awarded Minjarez a $100,000 grant to support the effort. He and his team are seeking an additional $68,890 in corporate sponsorship and in-kind donations.